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How it Works:

Use powered suction to pull refreshing saline from the upper tank into one nostril, then goes around the back of your nose, and out from the other nostril, finally flows into the waste liquid tank


Breathe better, sleep better with Nasal Power Suction Nasal Irrigator.

A deep circular cleansing around your nose within 10 seconds.

* Flush saline into deep areas in noses to remove nasal discharge and airborne particles and relieve inflammation.

* The vacuum pump helps reduce the pressure on noses during rinsing and the risks of getting otitis media with the gentle flow.

* FDA approved, Drug-free, 10 seconds all-around rinsing.

* Large capacity tanks, easy and efficient to clean.

* Automatic waste liquid separation design, clean and hygienic.

* Monitoring Sticker available for formulating the saline at the right temperature.


Important Safety Feature: Nasal irrigation without the correct saline concentration can cause stinging and discomfort to the delicate tissue that lines the inside of the nose. To prevent this by ensuring a perfectly balanced nasal rinse every time, please use our SaltPod to operate.